Please click HERE to download a printable version of the instruction sheet.


Please click HERE to download our NanoDIY brochure, which includes step-by-step instructions, printer instructions, and technical advice.


Please click HERE to download the ICC profile to print with. This is very important to download and load into your printer preferences to get the best possible print quality, especially when using a Textile Foil application and applying to darker shirts. 



PLEASE NOTE: For best results when using with foils or with the Vintage Stabilizer, pre-heat the printed sheet with stabilizer on it before pressing. This will allow all the stabilizer to bake off, and not actually apply to the fabric. You take the sheet with the ink and stabilizer and hold it under the heat press (without actually touching it to anything), and hold for approx. 90 seconds. Otherwise, the stabilizer will apply in places outside the actual printed design. This looks fine on a light colored shirt, but pressing it onto a dark shirt or using foil- all the unwanted bits of stabilizer will show.