Frequently Asked Questions



*For detailed instructions & initial setup, click here to download the NanoDIY Brochure.


What is NanoDIY?

It’s not sublimation or screen printing. It’s another form of heat transfer material. No cutting or weeding needed to do this!


What does the Starter Pack come with?

  • 50 sheets of NanoDIY paper
  • 3 stabilizers (standard, gold, and silver)
  • Funnels to use when filling the ink tanks
  • Full set of CMYK inks (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)
  • Brochure


Can I use any image or design?

You can print any image or design you have. Just be sure to mirror the image. Keep in mind that the higher the resolution, the better the image and the better the print. *Also, be sure to honor copyright laws.


Can I reuse the NanoDIY paper?

No, you cannot reuse the NanoDIY papers.


Will it print my design containing white graphics?

The only color that the NanoDIY doesn’t print is white.


What do I do with the leftover stabilizer?

You can reuse the NanoDIY stabilizer from the excess of it falling off or not sticking to the print. (We use a paint tray to catch the left over stabilizer and then dump it back into the bottle to reuse).


How do I handle the print?

Once the design prints out, it is a wet ink so that the stabilizer will adhere to the design - so you have to be cautious to not touch the design. When laying down on your garment, you must be careful when you place it down and do not move it. If you move it, it may smudge. So take caution with this step to ensure proper placement.


Can I print it and finish it later?

When your design has been printed off we suggest doing the remaining steps shortly after. You can let the design sit for a short period, but within time it may start to dry up to where you may not get the best results with the stabilizer.


What type of pressure do I need?

You can press with medium pressure on polyester, tri-blend, cotton shirts, etc., along with wood (less pressure). Any stabilizer will work with the wood   * A transfer on more sensitive fabrics is possible by reducing the transfer time


What color garment works best?

We suggest using lighter or white shirts for the standard stabilizer. Vintage, Gold, & Silver work best on darker shirts. *After applying your stabilizer on your design hold it up to the heat press to burn the excess off. 


How many washes can I do?

You can get 20+ washes out of this. Washability depends on various factors and care. We recommend to wash cold and dry low temp or air dry. You may see some slight wear in the first wash or two, but it quickly stabilizes and the wear stops.


Steps on using Standard stabilizer & Wood

  1. Start with a smooth, sanded piece of wood.
  2. Print out your design in mirror image (reverse).
  3. Apply your Standard stabilizer.
  4. Heat press the design to the fabric you are using & peel cool. 355°F for 30 seconds.


Steps on using Vintage, Gold & Silver stabilizer

  1. Print out your design in mirror image (reverse).
  2. Apply your stabilizer. Be cautious when you lift your design up to the heat press.
  3. Hold the design up to the heat press for 60-90 seconds so it can burn off the excess stabilizer.
  4. Heat press the design to the fabric you are using & peel cool, 355°F for 30 seconds.

*Recommended to use a Teflon Sheet


Steps on using foils

  1. Start with a black graphic.
  2. Print out your design in mirror image (reverse).
  3. Recommend using Standard stabilizer. Be cautious when you lift your design up to the heat press.
  4. Hold the design up to the heat press for 60-90 seconds so it can burn off the excess stabilizer.
  5. Heat press the design to the fabric you are using & peel cool, 355 degrees for 30 seconds.
  6. Apply the foil for 3-5 seconds and peel cool.

 *Recommended to use a Teflon Sheet

To avoid little dots of foil getting transferred around and over the print on
your fabric, it is recommended to shake the paper slightly before applying
the basic print on the fabric. This ensures the excess of NanoDIY Stabilizer
falls off and doesn’t get transferred onto the fabric.

When transferring the foil, keep the foil covered with paper so it doesn’t curl up while being exposed to the heat while it’s sitting under the heat press. This will also keep the heat press from pulling up the foil as you raise up the platen.

It is recommended not to use any other Stabilizer other than Standard Nanodiy Stabilizer for light fabrics. Transferring will work with Nanodiy Stabilizer Gold & Silver, but it is highly recommended to not do so.


Which printers can I use with NanoDIY technology?

You can use any refillable ink-jet printer with micro-piezo heads. (Figure 1 & Figure 2)

Some examples of these Eco Tank Printers are:

  • A4 paper size (8.3" x 11.7", regular size): Epson L-310 or the Epson Expression Models: ET-2500, ET-2550, ET-2650, ET-3600, ET-4500, ET-4550

  • A3 paper size(11.7" x 16.5"): Epson L-1300, Epson Eco Tank ET-14000, Epson Eco Tank L-1455, or the ET-16500

PLEASE NOTE: The newer models are made specifically to prevent you from using special inks, so avoid buying these types of printers, such as the ET-2700, ET-2750, ET-3750, ET-4750, ET-7700, and ET-7750 (pictured below). 

Why can I only use an EPSON ECO TANK PRINTER?

These printers have ink tanks and not cartridges. The Epson Eco Tank printers come with empty tanks that you fill yourself (they are made to last much longer than cartridges). You can use your provided funnels from the NanoDIY starter kit to fill your printers with, rather than using the standard ink (for regular printing).


    How do I set up my printer?

    Setting up the printer is a very simple process. Instead of filling the printer with inks that come with it, you should fill it with NanoDIY inks. Please turn ink upside down for a little while, before filling the ink tanks. This ensures that any pigmentation hasn’t settled at the bottom. Carefully fill the ink tanks to avoid filling them with the wrong ink color. The next step is connecting your printer to the computer and installing the drivers that are supplied with it. For any issues, refer to the printer’s manual.


      Can I just empty my ink out of my own Epson printer?

      We do not recommend swapping inks. One obvious reason would be, you would have to extensively clean the ink out of the printer, prior to adding the NanoDIY inks in and it would be impossible to distinguish between the original printer inks and NanoDIY inks.


      Do I need to shake the ink regularly?

      You don't have to shake the ink. We suggest flipping the inks upside down regularly to avoid pigmentation settling at the bottom.


      Can I request a sample?

      Unfortunately, this process is so unique that it doesn't allow samples.


      Bonus:  If you were wearing your design on your shirt and wanted a foil to cover it but you’ve already washed or worn it a few times. You are able to put that same shirt on the heat press and put a foil over your design and it will adhere to the shirt, due to the stabilizer being reactivated by the heat.


      Still have questions? 

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